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Sanitary Waste Disposal

It is very important for your business to ensure that you have the correct facilities in your toilets.See our guide below which outlines why you need feminine hygiene units at your place of work.

Why do I need Sanitary Waste Disposal Facilities?

Because it’s the law.

It is very important for your business / establishment to have the correct waste disposal. Anybody who comes into contact with sanitary waste must be protected accordingly to avoid contamination. There are laws to protect people who work in these areas, and those who use them. Female toilets MUST be supplied with suitable sanitary waste disposal. To read more on this, please visit the HSA website. Regulation 20 applies to washroom facilities. (see here)


It makes your business look professional.

Your customers will notice. If they see that you do not dispose of waste correctly in the public bathrooms, imagine what they will think goes on behind the scenes?
It is all about image, and demonstrating a professional approach to your business.

It can save you money on expensive drainage costs.

If your customers have no bins to dispose of sanitary waste correctly – where do they put it? Unfortunately, down the toilet. Sanitary towels and tampons do not decompose. This waste can block your drains and end up costing you.

Blocked Drains are damaging to your business

Blocked drains mean toilets out of order. Even if you have other cubicles available, it is an inconvenience to your customers and can make the business look as though there faults not being taken care of. There is nothing worse than blocked / smelly toilets. Would you recommend a restaurant to somebody that had broken smelly toilets?

Help the environment.

When sanitary waste is flushed, it has to end up somewhere. It pollutes water systems and can end up in the sea / on beaches etc. Do your part and call us today to discuss what waste disposal options are available for you.

To be discreet.

On an individual level, providing sanitary bins means the customers / staff who use these toilets have a more discreet way to dispose of waste. Rather than throwing into a waste paper basket, our bins mean that nobody else need know when you are using them. Our bins are also closed over with a lid, to avoid any unwanted odours in public toilets. It also prevents any contamination in the air.

Protection against dangerous diseases like HIV / Hep B.

Feminine waste may contain dangerous infected blood and should never be disposed of by non-professionals. We have years of experience looking after this particular type of waste and know the safest way to do so.

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